Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taking a *vacation*

It's Saturday!  I haven't been in to school all day! All day! I'm on the verge of breaking out into cold sweats because I feel guilty for not being there. But I'm refusing to feel like that. I have the right to take time off. I have the right to be as invested in ceramics as I need to be. I also have the right to focus my attention onto other things that I enjoy and am obligated to do. And this weekend I will do just that. I'm thinking of it as a stay-cation. I think I will go back to school on Monday feeling more refreshed and focused if I take time out of there to remind me of life in the "real world."

I've been struggling with what an appropriate amount of time and effort I need to be putting in at school. It seems like no matter how much we do it is never enough. No matter how little sleep I get or how many meals I skip to work on things I can't seem to prove to some people at my school that I am serious about what I do. Some classmates recently watched a documentary about a sushi maker whose goal was to be the absolute best at what he did and he was willing to put himself entirely into what he did to achieve his goal. Giving your best to what you do is a good thing. But shouldn't that apply to more than just making sushi (or art)? I mean, what if you make the best sushi, but you are neglecting people in your life that need you to be there for? And what if giving yourself entirely to your passion means you neglect your health and you don't take care of your body? Have you done your best then?

There is only one thing in my life that deserves my absolute best and my entire self and that is God. Not ceramics. Of course, there is the proverb that you should "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." --Provers 16:3. I think I can say that I give more thought to doing my homework than to actively seeking and following God. But I need to change that. It is good to give your best to what you do. But it is better to give your best to God and to commit all that you do to Him.

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