Monday, October 1, 2012


I bought myself a camera. It was on clearance. Not a fancy SLR like I hope to someday own, but a major step up from my last point and shoot and my ipod camera (which I still love). These are some straight-out-of-camera shots. It has some fun features like toy camera shots which I used in the sunset photo and long exposure settings which I used for the moon photo. I need a tripod to get a clear shot at night though and I don't have one at this time so it's blurry. It will definitely come in handy when taking slides of my work.

I've been reading through Psalms recently and David's writings about his fears; his anxieties; his trust in the Lord. His beautiful praises to God frequently say "shout for joy" or "sing for joy." I don't know about anyone else, but although I am a loud person at times I feel quite inhibited to just shout how joyful I am. Lately I haven't been quite that joyful and wish that I was so joyful that I would shout and sing out loud praises to my God. Toward the end of last fall I remember feeling so joyful and content that I thought I might burst. It was a wonderful way to feel. I no longer think that every time we struggle emotionally, or face hardships that it is the result of something we did wrong, but instead that it might be part of growing spiritually. I'm trying to learn Paul's secrets of being joyful no matter his circumstance. Life is funny.

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