Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mother knows best.

Having a rough day...recovering from an intense and disappointing week. Talked to my mom about it. She said, "listen to Riverdance. You'll feel better." So I put it on. And I do feel a bit better.

I think (hope) God is preparing me to leave this place, because I feel like I'm letting go of it. I don't feel so attached and I feel ready for a new adventure. To make new goals and dreams. To be open to other things besides just art (which I intend to always keep a part of my life, but am trying not to make it my whole life). Somehow, the Riverdance soundtrack has enough nostalgia and pep to make me feel better. And it reminds me that when I finish school I'll be free to try to learn to play my violin again. Or take a dance class for fun. Or just make pots and art that no one but I will see. Or to delve into other interests that I've not only put on the back burner, but taken off the figurative stove completely.

I'm glad that I feel ready to move on. I just have to hang on till God moves me.

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  1. lol. "mom's awesome" (said-in-buster-bluth-voice.) well, all your trials are certainly turning you into a gifted writer. i enjoy reading your thoughts. hang in there, you're almost done! praying for you. xox