Thursday, October 11, 2012

As of late...

I'm really into this song. Actually, I really enjoyed the whole album when my friend played it for me.

School is about to send me out of my mind. I hate being there. This is a first for me.

I just want to hide away in my house and not leave. I want a domestic existence. Maybe someday.

I used to be afraid to graduate. The thought used to make me I'm anxious to be finished.

Another Straight-Out-Of-Camera shot...look at that sky! It was brilliant today! No mid-Atlantic overcast sky today. It was sunshine-y and lovely.

I've been having some luck at the Dollar Tree finding objects to slipcast. My inner old-lady is so excited.

 I'm switching back to high-fire clay after my disastrous critique last Friday and am excited. I think it's going to be all atmosphere-firings now. I just have to make my clay now. Boo.

明天我跟我的中国朋友们要去看红叶。Tomorrow my Chinese friends and I will go to look at the autumn leaves! I should have been a Chinese studies major because I find the language so fascinating. But I never would have taken Chinese had I not gone to China, and I wouldn't have gone to China had I not gotten into ceramics. I'm going to trust that God has a plan here. I was looking at Rosetta Stone Chinese and maybe someday I'll pick that up and try to learn it myself.

Last, but not it May yet? Graduation...hurry!

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