Sunday, October 7, 2012


I signed up to be a mentor to international students this semester. I have two students, this young man from Indonesia and a young lady from China. Unfortunately, our schedules prevent us from meeting very often, but the few times I have met with them have been fun. They have included shopping, art lectures and most recently a challenge course in the mountains with the other mentors and students. The weather has gotten cold enough that jackets and other cold weather gear are a necessity and the fall colors are really coming in strong. I feel the urge to run away to the park next weekend to enjoy it before they go away. We got a little glimpse of the colors this weekend at the challenge course where we all played team-building games and had fun together.
It is pretty neat to work with internationals. I would love to always be involved in some sort of International experience, be it traveling or welcoming newcomers to my country. And yesterday I really enjoyed playing games with this guy and his other Indonesian friends who are in the program. We had to split into teams frequently and the groups that these guys were in were always the most fun, in my opinion. They were so energetic and enthusiastic. And silly in the best way possible. Our group may not have won the most challenges, but I can guarantee we had the most fun together. :)

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