Friday, April 19, 2013

My favorite things.

Today was a day that included almost all my favorite things. This means:
sleeping in.
ceramics (and not blowing anything up this time!).
swing dancing.
free coffee from Starbucks (I love it when Starbucks runs promos!).
Chinese Church.
wearing dresses.
making new friends.
phone visits with family.

I also rained and I had a couple of major allergy attacks. But overall this was one of the best days ever. :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I think flowers are so pretty. I love them so much. Look at how delicately and intricately they are put together.
Also, I lent my camera to my brother when he went to Poland over spring break and I just now got it back. I  missed it and am having fun playing with it again.
Now that spring is here I may only post photos of flowers. Because there are a lot of gorgeous blooms out there that I can't spend a lot of time with in person, but can enjoy in photographs. Oh allergies!

Spring is here...

Magnolias are such a beautiful and sweet smelling flower...and I love that the backs are pink while the fronts are white. They're just as pretty from the back. :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

BFA Show

This is the piece I am using for my showcard. I have to retouch the background and order postcards...I have too much stuff to do today. My show is on the 27th! It's coming so fast and I'm just not ready. I'm trying to pull things together, but I'm tired and staying up late working on things is wearing me out. Wish me well as I try to hang in there now that we're at the end. :)

Updated:  I figured out how to use photoshop and retouch my photo! Photoshop really intimidates me!

The making of an art's all about process. :)

stepping in paint


charleston kicks

trying to get from the paint mat to the cloth without slipping.

beginning research for my "dance map"
Two of my best friends helped me start my art project (that is due Thursday! Ahh!!!) tonight. By helped I mean one willingly stepped in paint and danced with me on a piece of cloth while the other took photos and laughed at us. It was messy, squishy, slippery, and sticky, but it combined 3 things that I love : friends, art, dance. :) Win. Win. Win.