Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making the best of things.

So. While there are things about all seasons that I appreciate, winter is my least favorite. I don't like the unpredictability of it. The freak snowstorms. Slippery roads. Frozen windshields. Basically, getting around in winter is a pill. It makes me feel anxious for peoples' safety.
Snow covered leaves.
But there is something very homey about winter. Which I am enjoying today by winterizing my room. I'm pulling out heavier blankets and making sure I have access to my coats and snowboots. I might even hang up my Christmas lights. Also, I'm thankful that a couple of inches of snow is much less life-altering than having my home be underwater, or being out of power which is something that the coast is dealing with. My night class was canceled, so I brought all my pots and slabs home to work on here. If yucky weather allows me to be home then I guess I'll take it. :)

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