Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Recently I've been thinking about how I'm a conglomeration of everyone I know. Each person I meet affects me and leaves a piece of themselves with me. Some more than others of course.

I have been thinking how knowing the people I do has changed the way I view my world, how I trust others, how I love others, etc. The little words or actions I pick up from them. They way they help me see the world through their eyes which of course is a different perspective than I've had before. The people I've known have taught me so much. They're quite the education.

If you want to get reeeaallly crazy you could say that I'm not only a conglomeration of the people that I know, but also of the people that they know since they are made up of the people in their lives and bring their influences along when they interact with me. Which means that I'm also made of of the influences of the influences of the people that influence me and so on and so forth (figure that one out). Basically I'm saying we're all like water ripples. Our affects may become so broad and get so far away from the source, but they have a far reaching impact all the same. Worldwide even, although perhaps in a small way. It's a nice thought to think that perhaps all the nice little things that people do for each other can end up making a difference in some way to someone we'll never meet and know.

I'm not sure I'm actually going anywhere with this train of thought. It's late and I'm tired and have been talking nonsense all day. I'm having a hard time articulating my words so I don't expect anything to be coherent on a page either. So feel free to disregard this post if it sounds really weird. Sometimes writing helps me to clarify my thoughts while other times it seems to muddy everything up. Funny how that works. :)

Good night!

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