Sunday, March 25, 2012


Spring is definitely here. Trees and flowers are blooming and the weather has been so warm you can run around outside without a jacket. It's really beautiful. Outside the studio are two trees that are full of white flowers. They hang over the ramp leading to the studio and almost create a little flowery canopy to sit or walk under. It's especially beautiful at night when the moon and street lights make the flowers look like they are shining too. Recently I can't help but appreciate nature more. It's just so beautiful. When I see it I'm sometimes awed by how gorgeous it is. Nothing I make will ever be as beautiful as what I see. I see the work of the master artist. The painter of nature. God is just so amazing and I love that I get to witness Him dressing up the earth now. I also love that it forces me to slow down during my busy days and appreciate what I see happening before me. That, I suppose, is two gifts in one; a small break and a beautiful view to enjoy. In those moments life is pretty much perfect and I am quite content.

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