Saturday, March 10, 2012


"If I were the emporer
Of a deserted island
That would be nice."

Lately I am craving a quiet, deserted place in nature to sit and rest and be by myself. Preferably without mosquitoes. Or ticks. And snakes. Actually I'm kind of afraid of frogs too. You just don't know when one might jump out at you unexpectedly and I hate being surprised like that. I'd love to go someplace rural with absolutely no one around for a few days and not have to answer a cell phone, keep a schedule, worry about my appearance, or talk to anyone. I'd like to lose all responsibility and obligation for just a couple of days and explore the world God made so long ago and gave to us. I'd like to sleep outside and really see the stars...not just a few like you see in the city. And I want to not have to talk to anyone about what happens in ordinary life. The problems we deal with every day. The worries of what comes next. For awhile I just want to forget everything I know and bask in the perfection that God made and be lost in wonder of it all. Just me and God. It would feel so free.

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