Tuesday, March 27, 2012

*things I find miraculous...part 2

  • Babies. How people so tiny are still so strong. Those little people who are so new to the world and have to learn everything from scratch. They're a mystery to me. They're sort of frightening. And their skin is oh-so soft.
  • Emotions. How we can feel happiness or sadness just as strongly as we can feel a bee sting. What part of us feels them? What is it in our souls or brains that allows us to feel emotions so keenly?
  • Time. It's so fleeting. You can't hold onto it or control it.
  • Relationships. Attachments by emotion. Those things we can't see or touch, but exist all the same. Those cords of emotion that tie us together so strongly.
  • Point of view. How we can all view the same situation differently. How knowing other people allows me to see the world from another point of view. Knowing others allows me to appreciate things I wouldn't have appreciated before. Knowing others makes life so much richer.
  • Watching young children learning things for the first time. What would life be like if everything seemed so new and exciting to me?
  • Our senses. I know I take mine for granted.
When I stop and think about it for more than a few minutes I still get so awed by our world and by people. It's so familiar, so it seems so ordinary. How silly of us not to realize how extraordinary our world is. I think that sometimes we think we created this place and control it. Really we just get the pleasure of enjoying it for awhile.

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