Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Art is the underdog

Of all the divisions within the creative arts I believe visual art to be the least appreciated. Everyone considers music to be essential; performance art is also considered very important. Because they are entertaining. A lot of them provide simple, clear messages and ideas that we don't work very hard to interpret. What we see or hear is often what we get. And music and performance art (I'm going to lump movies into that genre) don't always have to serve a purpose other than entertainment. I mean, how many stupid, nonsensical movies have you seen? How about some of the songs we've heard that don't say anything very important?

Art, our traditional view of it, doesn't often entertain. It has an air of mystery to it. It leaves the viewer to interpret or unravel the story behind it. It usually requires a knowledge of history and culture and other outside disciplines. It's work. Art seems to need to serve a purpose for us to consider it important. I believe it does serve a purpose. And that it can serve a very important purpose depending on how it is used. But usually when I start to talk to anyone outside the arts about this they seem really bored and eager to change the subject (or they tell me there is no money in it).

I love an underdog. I'm rooting for art. :)

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