Sunday, July 31, 2011


This is a collection of short letters to various people/places/things in the world.

Dear Walmart: your produce is horrible. Pretty much all the time.

Dear Phil Keaggy, Keith Green, Don Francisco and Fernando Ortega. I will always love you. Even if most of my peers have no idea who any of you are. They are missing out. Thanks for your music. <3

Dear Target: I had pretty much written you off earlier this year as being cheap and tacky, but after a trip to visit you these past couple of weeks I have restored trust in you. Thank you for making cute and modest length clothing of decent quality lately.

Dear Dad (Da-dee): thanks for buying that $5 tee for me. :) That was unexpected and very sweet of you.

Dear Ceramics: you bring out every insecurity in me. I seriously find myself thinking sometimes "will they think I'm weird or stupid cause I made this pot?" etc. How is it that I can love something that makes me feel so insecure? Oh well. I will always love you anyway.

Dear Fall semester: bring it! I'm ready for you! I think. But please be nicer than you were last semester.

Dear gross, humid, 100+ degree weather we've been having for the past few weeks: (read this in a Gollum from LOTR voice) Leave now! And never come back!

Dear fall: I missed you and all your festivities last year since I was in China. Let's make up for it this year, okay!? :)

Dear China: I miss you often and sometimes think about how to get back to you. Lord-willing it will happen someday.

Dear Pamela's GF line: you make a mean gluten-free cake. Thanks.

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