Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I really like the recent trends I've seen for women's clothing that include lace, ruffles, flowers, pleats, etc. They're so feminine and beautiful. I'm a big cheapskate though. I'm a huge bargain shopper and I don't like paying more than I think is reasonable for clothing. I get really excited when I know I bought something for waaaay cheaper than it was originally intended to sell for. I guess it's the thrill of the hunt.
Anyway, there are SO many tutorials and posts about refashioned clothing all over the web and I decided to try my hand at a little refashioning project. I've been meaning to do some of these refashions for awhile now and yesterday seemed to be as good a day as any to give it a go.

Here is what I started with: a tee-shirt cardigan from Old Navy.

All I did to change it was add two rows of lace to each side and make some flowers out of some old material that I had and sew them on.

In order to really see the changes you may have to click on the pictures.

Anyway, it was super easy and the most time consuming part was making the flowers, which really didn't take much time at all. I didn't do anything to make sure the flowers won't fray so I might not put this in the dryer and I may just hand wash it...I'll have to play around.

I've had the cardigan for over a year I bought it on sale at Old Navy. The lace I bought at get 3 yards of each for between $.75 - $1.40 a pack. I found the fabric for the flowers in a box of yarn that my sister had pulled out...I'm not sure who bought it or when. This was stuff I had stocked up on and had the refashion really didn't cost me very much at all. The only thing I'd like to do to this cardigan to make it more fun would be to change the buttons. I left most of my sewing stuff up at school and am only using what I have here at my parent's so maybe I'll be able to change the buttons when I get back to school next month.

So it satisfied my desire to have a prettier, more feminine piece of clothing and I got to do something a little bit creative much as I like bargain shopping I find this to be just as, if not more, satisfying of an activity.

Now I have some errands to run. :)


  1. me like. me need a sewing machine that's newer than 75 years old. :)