Saturday, July 30, 2011

call me Ms. Pots.

The other day I realized I have roughly 2.5 weeks before heading back to college! And if I want to bring back the ceramic pots I've been working on the past few weeks I better finish them and get them fired! So I brought home a few to attach handles too and decorate and was up quite late working on them. I think I got to the studio around 11:30 am and left around 5:30 pm after helping with the kids' class...I worked at home till a little after 11 pm. I told my mom that was pretty typical of my life at school. Spend all day attaching handles to pots...carving pots...painting pots...
I got up again this morning and have been at it for a good part of the day. I'm tired. I look like this.
At least I showered so my hair isn't that messy. The kitchen table doesn't look so good right now though. Mom and Dad have been good sports about letting me monopolize half of the table.Here are some of the results. As you can see in the above photo some pieces are still covered in plastic. They haven't been worked on yet. At least everything has handles now though. I used to pull all my handles off a piece of clay and attach them to the pot afterward but now I'm getting the handle started and attaching it to the piece before pulling it the rest of the way. I've been told that you'll know your handle is on really well if you can pull it while it's attached to the piece and hopefully that will mean an improvement in handle quality and appearance.

The ladies at the studio are stamping geniuses. They decorate so much of their work with stamps that I decided to do some too. I also did some carving since quite a few of my pots were too dry to stamp. That's why the pattern in the pitcher looks so...messy. I'm hoping it will look better when glazed. Oh I hate glazing! It makes me so anxious!

All this potting is making me excited to go back to school. I enjoy having teachers and classmates who critique and give me good advice while I'm working and I also enjoy watching others work and seeing what inspires them. It's a fun environment and I look forward to getting back to it!

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