Saturday, July 23, 2011

Some random thoughts.

This post is going to be written a la Candice style. :)

It's been hot as blazes lately. Really uncomfortable. I think the heat index has been hovering between 100 and 110 degrees this week. It's gross and I'm beginning to re-think my adamant stance on "I'd much rather be too hot than too cold." Don't tell anyone, but I might just prefer winter to this misery. Of course, this only lasts a few weeks while winter lasts at least 3's a hard call.

On a weather related note...we had a little rain shower this afternoon and Holly and I went and I said, "it feels SO much cooler now since we had some rain!" We drove past a sign that was telling the was 93 degrees outside. Which is probably a 10 degree drop for the day. I remember in China it got up to 104 degrees during the day and there were big storms in the south that caused it to drop from 104 degrees to 84 degrees over night and it was such a big drop in temperature that I remember feeling really cold and wearing a sweater. Funny how that happens.

I sewed a shirt this week and it turned out...well, it didn't turn out actually. It was a failed attempt. I also attempted to make a skirt and didn't do so well there either. So I'll try something different this week. I went thrifting and found some fun stuff...most of it needs some minor or major alterations but I've been wanting to try to alter clothing for awhile so I'm excited about it.

This week both Adam and Holly had birthdays. Adam is 21 and Holly is 17. I'm so used to us all being kids that it seems weird that we're all growing up. Happy birthday, you two.

(I already posted about Holly's birthday, but missed Adam' here is a photo in honor of him.)

Working with the folks over at the pottery studio has been fun. The clay community is really wonderful. And having the chance to volunteer with the kids and teens has been fun. Mostly. The other day someone left their wheel on and put their stool on the wheel and one of the kids accidentally stepped on the pedal and the stool started spinning on the wheel head. I grabbed it before it flew off and hit something or someone, but hurt my pinky finger pretty good. So that was a good reminder to remember to make sure your wheel is switched off before putting your stool on top of it.

I'm still finding gray hairs on my head. I've been told not to worry. That's it's not terribly uncommon. I think this past year is to blame for it.

I have recently been reminded that it's more fun to eat with chopsticks than it is to use a fork or spoon.

I think that's about it. I have been thinking about a lot of stuff and working on quite a few things. Mostly over at the studio so I don't have anything finished or photos of anything. Plus although I've been thinking about a lot of stuff I seem to be having a case of writer's block because I have been unable to write things down in a coherent, sensible way. I'm hoping that will change because I enjoy getting my thoughts out.

I have been thinking a lot about privacy lately since I decided to quit facebook and have been thinking about my motivation for keeping a blog at all. I'm still thinking about it but I want to make sure that my motivation isn't to simply attract attention. Because I'm learning that privacy is good. I think facebook has programmed a lot of us to overshare things about ourselves and to constantly seek attention and I don't think that is a good thing. I do think though that it is good to have opportunities to express what we think and believe and make without feeling like we should hide those things which is why I keep this blog public instead of private. Blogging does provide an outlet for me that I like. It has also provided a huge source of information and inspiration which I love and would be happy if I could contribute to. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to keep up with it once school starts, but that's okay. It's a fun pursuit, not a required thing that I have to feel obligated to keep up. That's partly why I like it. :)

Okay. Happy weekend.

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