Thursday, July 14, 2011

week recap...

This week so far has been pretty good. I got signed up for a 10-visit studio pass at our local parks and rec group and I went for the first time today. It was really good to work in the studio always makes me feel happy. It also made me really sore! Who knew 2 months of off time would make me so weak! The lady who was running the studio invited me to help her out during her class for teenagers so I did and enjoyed it a lot. The teacher and her manager told me if my teachers would agree to it they would let me intern with them for the rest of the summer. I'm going to help a different teacher with a little kids class tomorrow. Even if I can't get an internship I'll still help's fun working with kids and so different from the setting I'm used to. So here are a few ideas from my sketchbook that I'd like to try playing around with...hopefully I'll come up with something good to show my teachers when I get back to school.Altering/stacking forms is really fascinating to me and something I'd like to try to play around with more.

I made a skirt last night and it wasn't very good. I may try to pull it apart this weekend and do it over again. The little sewing projects I got to do this week were fun. Hopefully I'll be able to crank out a few more things before the summer is over.

Speaking of which there are roughly only 5 weeks left in summer. As nice as having a break is it will be good to have work to do and a schedule to adhere to.

Last thing to report is I found a gray hair on my head this week. At 22 I think I'm a little young for that. We'll see if it was just a fluke or if I should be on the lookout for more.

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