Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This past weekend I went on a little safari in...

Africa! Yep...I hopped in the car and drove to Africa. In the words of Groucho Marx "Africa is God's country...and He can have it." (I don't mean to be rude or anything...I just love Groucho.)
Africa is really beautiful...look at that scenery. And you should have seen the GINORMOUS turtles and fish in the water. So cool.
And we found this lovely little oasis which was perfect for our camp!
Once we were all set we found the nearest map and set off to explore the zoo...I mean Africa.
Okay, so we actually went to the zoo and not the real Africa, but when we had to choose between visiting the North America exhibits and the African exhibits we unanimously voted to go to Africa to see gorgeous animals like these romantic giraffes.
Seriously, I've never seen such adorable, twitterpated giraffes...
...Or a cuter ostrich. The crowd loved him. I think he loved the attention.
Elephants are beautiful but they seem so melancholy to me.
This guy's hiney looked painful. And ugly.
We did run over to the North America exhibit to see the bears. Unfortunately they weren't being very social at 4:30 pm. Something about it being really hot outside or something...we got to see these sea lions which was cool. They swam on their backs.
As I said, the bears were being antisocial. I got to glimpse the back end of a sleeping polar bear. It's head was behind a big blue oil drum and he wouldn't get up. It was enormous and kept kicking its feet which was pretty cute. Polar bears look so huggable. I bet that's how they lure their prey...by looking so innocent and squeezable. The grizzly bears were nowhere to be found. We did manage to see the black bears for about 2 minutes before they ran into their den.
All in all it was a fun, hot trip and an excuse to break out the camera and take some photos. I think it would be awesome if they could include an Asian section and throw in some panda bears and tigers and cobras. I'd like to see some of those guys too!

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