Friday, June 3, 2011

A few photos from today.

This is Jude. He's mom's little miniature havanese. One of them that is. He only weighs about 6 lb. He barks a lot. And he likes touch his nose to my legs while I'm cooking and beg for me to throw something down to him (which of course I would NEVER do...). It kinda annoys me when he touches his wet, whiskery face to my leg...I feel like there's a fly landing on me and I want to swat it.
Holly and I went to the community pool today. There was a lady there with her little son. Other than that we had the pool entirely to ourselves. It was really cool outside this morning though so while Holly got in I couldn't bring myself to get all the way in. I just stuck my feet in.
I came back home and let the dogs into the living room and they came and sat on my chair. So I sat on the floor to use the computer. They're sweet.

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