Friday, June 3, 2011

Lovely Links...

I have lately been reading through the blog Say Yes to Hoboken and I've really enjoyed a lot of the links she has posted. So I'm reposting some of them so I'll have them handy for future reference.

I'd love to make a dress like this. And a skirt like this. I think they're so pretty. Just completely unrealistic for regular life.

I'd like to try this recipe with gluten free pasta. Maybe this fall when I'm back with the roomies.

And a gluten free version of this? Please?

This is a pretty blog. The photographs and prints are really cute.

This would be a fun idea to play around with. I love getting mail and would love getting one of these.

I love these ceramic pieces. I love the little patterns and the forms...all of it.

Whenever I run out of my watercolors I may try my hand at making my own using this tutorial.

I'm using this idea and these ideas this Christmas.

This blog has a lot of fun ideas for re-fashioning. Now that I have a sewing machine again I'd like to try some of these ideas.

That's all for now. I'll have to remember to look back here for ideas in the future.

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