Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Red balloons.

In addition to my alphabet and tree sketches I painted this little guy. I've found I like to make childish things when I work. My teapot final was based off Alice in Wonderland, I've also made a spaceship teapot and some alien mugs too. I guess they say you should write or make work about what you know and while I know next to nothing about space stuff I know a lot about kids since I've been one for the past 22 years.
I started painting balloons while in China. Because my skills are pretty limited I stick with easy stuff. You can't get much easier than circles and clouds and a blue sky. And somehow I find it fun and kind of cheerful. I usually make lots of colorful balloons, but I didn't feel like using so many colors today and so I made a bunch of red balloons.

I wonder what I'll make tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. i love this. frame it for me and give it to me for my birthday. (please? haha.) XO