Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I've been painting again. The same stuff really. I need to learn how to paint something that is actually good. I deactivated my facebook account so I took it into my head to make some cards and send them out to people. Old-fashioned style. So I folded up some cardstock and taped it down to create a border and painted some little pictures on them. I untaped them and wanted to put a border around them when I realized that I'd painted them upside down.
Plus my border isn't coming out very well. :) I think I'm going to give this up for awhile and find something else to work on. Maybe a little break would be good.


  1. i'm still tiffed that you're off facebook (especially after i got back on, mostly to stay in better touch with YOU!) :) maybe you'll be back one day. i love the cards, even if they're backwards. don't give up!

  2. ok missy..the deal was you had to keep up with this blog if you were going to quit facebook. where you at?? :)

  3. dude, I called you...where were you? ;)