Friday, February 1, 2013


In typical mid-atlantic/mountain region fashion, we have experienced quite a range of weather this past week! Tuesday was in the 70s and overcast. Wednesday we had pouring down rain and strong wind with a drop in temperature. Thursday we had freezing temperatures, wind, and snow. Today is really cold again too. Perfect weather for hibernating. Getting out of bed is very difficult these days. Lots of blankets make me happy. For such intense weather winter has some calming qualities about itself. I'm just thankful I don't have to work in the outdoors right now.

I went to the arboretum today to see the snow in a prettier more rural setting. The sun came out for a bit today. I'm usually not a fan of winter at all, but I am trying so hard to accept all of it with a thankful attitude and not wish it away. It has a very beautiful side. It's so extreme and harsh. But when I am out in it running back and forth between buildings and the car and going between freezing cold and warmer environments I do feel quite alive. Discomfort has a way of shocking your senses and reminding you of yourself. Does that make any sense at all?

I remember the first time I realized that there are not always words to describe how we feel (I believe I was in the checkout line at Food Lion, oddly enough). And that we think in ways that don't use words. I'm not sure exactly how we communicate those ideas and feelings that we are not sure of how to express, but I wish I could communicate my thoughts and feelings more clearly. Since I'm not doing a very good job, I will just say that I do love winter. I don't love it as much as I love the other seasons. I don't have gushy feelings for it. But I appreciate its presence, it's rotation in the seasonal lineup and the way it forces me to adjust myself to it. Winter isn't easy. It reminds me to be appreciative of easier weather. Of bright living spring flowers. Of heat waves. Of dying, colorful leaves. It makes me thankful for warmth. For friends. For coffee. For being alive. For having the ability to take in my surroundings. Maybe I'm grateful that it gives me something to juxtapose the ease of those other seasons to so that I appreciate them more.

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