Friday, February 1, 2013

New ideas

Some 3D ideas. I'm not much of a sketcher. Although we are encouraged to sketch our ideas, it's so much easier for me to throw than to sit and draw out what I want to make. Also, I can troubleshoot when I actually make the piece. Then I can make multiples of them. My photo editor did something strange to the colors in those cups up above, but I think I like it. I wish my pots were multicolored like that.

It's been FREEZING cold these past couple of days! And I work directly below a bank of windows which let in a terrible draft. My left arm started cramping while I was working today so I called it quits a bit early. So much to do. I feel this strange freedom in this last semester to experiment a lot. It's very nice. I want to recapture that enthusiasm for trying new things with clay that I had my first semester. So many changes coming up. I really want to enjoy this while it lasts.

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