Monday, February 18, 2013

Motown at night.

Someday I will learn photography. I will learn to take photos at night. And portraits. And art photos.

Until is a photo of the city from campus. I love stars and I love the lights of the city at night. Even our little, run-down city.

Sometimes I think about how nice it would be to go to an open space at night to see the stars. They are so pretty. I think it's why I like to see the town lights at night. They remind me of the stars when it's too bright or cloudy to see them myself. It's nice to think of people together enjoying their time in their homes with each other. Do you ever look out at the lights at night and think about the people in those buildings? Or do you think about the people in the cars passing you on the highway and wonder what sort of travels they are on? I used to work at a coffee shop and I liked serving the regular customers because it was fun to think that I was a part of their every day lives. And although they came in every day and ordered the same thing I really knew nothing about them.

I like the mystery of it all.

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  1. i love reading what's on your heart and mind. you are amazing and sweet!