Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sneaking away...

Yesterday I sneaked away for a 24 hour mini-vacation to visit one of my roommate's family and hometown. This friend lives in one of the prettiest places I've been. And her family is the very definition of hospitality. Despite my busy week, lack of sleep and stressful road trip to get to her house I had such a restful, enjoyable time. I'm glad I went.
I got to go to a dance (I didn't actually dance) where I enjoyed watching people dance to live music on wooden floors under twinkly lights. I'm pretty sure my newest calling in life is to be a square dance caller (must learn more about this contra dancing/square dancing deal)! Although it had rained at one point the skies cleared and I saw so many pretty stars! I enjoyed a late night chat and mid morning brunch with my friend's family. I got to visit a little festival and enjoy gorgeous fall-like weather.
After a crazy week and some emotional turbulence I would say it was the perfect little get away. And now a new week is starting...and it promises to be busy as well! So I'll end here and try to get some sleep while I can!

Happy weekend!

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