Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm already overwhelmed.

It's a new semester. I have a new clay body with a new firing temperature. I have to find all my glazes from scratch. I have chosen to try low-fire clay. This may be a terrible idea. I'm waiting to see. However, it already throws so much easier than porcelain does. I made a couple of cups. saucers, bowls, and small punch bowls. It's nice to be back to work. My hands are already dry though. Also, I dropped a heavy 5 gallon bucket of dry clay on my big toe which hurt. I guess this is why they tell us to wear steel-toed shoes (I was wearing flip-flops). Luckily it didn't do much damage.

Wish me luck. If this semester is anything like last year I feel I won't have as much time to post here anymore. Hopefully I can keep up with little photos and thoughts that I want to remember or work through by writing them out on here. This little blog has been quite a cathartic endeavor. It's so much easier to write here than to journal by pen. And I like that it gives me the motivation to take more photos of my day-to-day life. Even the cheesy, low-quality ones. :)

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