Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recently lately.

 So school and work have taken over life for awhile. I am SO tired. I'm not balancing this school and work thing very well yet. I feel sick. I think I reacted badly to all the burning wax fumes I've been exposed to in the studio while dipping fake flowers in wax and spruing for our metal casting this weekend. Or it could be all the extra hours I put in at work over the weekend. Or both. Either way, I'm pretty sure if you hooked me up to a brain monitor it would show a flat line. I can deal with the fatigue pretty well, but the brain fog is really stressing me out.

Regardless, it has been a good week. Here are some photos from what I've been up to lately. :)

 Beginnings of an art project. Last week I went to the dollar store and bough $11 of fake flowers, dust masks, a lighter, funnels and measuring cups. Probably the weirdest combination of objects I've ever bought.
 Lots of summer storms. Our grass is starting to look really good again. It was really yellow for awhile.
 The floor of the sculpture room I was working in. I want to do a project based off this.
 Finally got to sit in service again this past weekend. I was either out of town or working with the kids a lot and missed about 3 weeks of sitting in the service. It was so good to be back.
 My friend Katie and me trying out mayonnaise treatments in our hair. It was pretty weird and I don't think I would do it again, but it brought on a lot of laughter so it was all good.

Now I'm off to bed. Tomorrow comes too soon! Wish me luck on all this school and work stuff. Or at least wish me more brain function!

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