Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 I've been sewing text blocks together lately. I need to cut some book board to finish binding them into books. Since I don't have a book making supply store nearby I am using the backs of old sketchbooks as book board. I'm pretty sure it's just a cheaper version of the real thing. Also, I'm using ribbon from the dollar spot at Target in place of twill tape. I think it's more fun.

My sculpture class starts next week. 30 hours of class a week plus regular work on top. That lasts for three weeks and then I have orientation for the international students that I am helping with. Then after that my classes start for the semester. I am starting to get nervous! I'm trying to stay positive that it will be the best semester yet! I usually love fall semesters. And this is finally my last fall semester. Perhaps ever! I hope. Of course, that leaves the question: "what comes after college?" Well, that is a whole new thing to think and worry about. But not yet. It will at least have to stay on the back burner of my mind until that time gets closer.

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