Tuesday, July 24, 2012

good news!

I started my sculpture class and it is *awesome!* Yay! It is so good to be back at school. I've missed it. I haven't missed the drama, but I have missed that space. What is it about being in a room that is just concrete walls and floors and some sheetrock walls that is still SO inspiring? It's honestly exactly where I love to be.

I also found out that I lost a bit of financial aid this semester. Ick! Turns out there are consequences to staying in school for more than 6 years. Who would have thought!? No matter. I'm so close to being done. I'll just have to trust that God controls it all and will provide a way for me to finish school. He has been so good to me.

And now I must head off to work. This recent news makes me more grateful to have a job. :)

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