Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"In 6 days You created the whole world, but You've been working on heaven 2,000 years!" --Keith Green

Keith Green wrote a song called 'I Can't Wait To Get To Heaven.' The heading of this post is a line from the song. It talks about how beautiful this world is and how it was created in only 6 days. How amazing is heaven going to be since Christ has been preparing it as a home since He returned after the resurrection!? 

I live in a place that catches a lot of flack, but it is so beautiful. As I was driving home yesterday I stopped at a rest area and took a photo. I love these mountains!

When I was in China I had a chance to visit the San Qing mountains. They were breathtaking (maybe that had something to do with frigid temperatures and the 1083403847203847302473087 stairs we had to climb. Twice. But part of it was the beauty we saw too.)!

It's funny. Going to China made me both more patriotic, or at least proud of my state, and less attached to my country. It's a big world. People are people wherever you go and God loves them all like crazy. He made all countries, not just America. And though I love where I live, I wouldn't dare say it is better than any other place that God made or that being American is better than any other nationality. But living in Jingdezhen and visiting the mountains made me more appreciative of where I live and the people I love. Because although Jingdezhen is a special town, and although the mountains I saw in China were far more grand than the ones I live in, the ones back home are...well, home.

And seeing how beautiful my world is I do appreciate the words in Keith Green's song because they make me stop and wonder what God is building up in heaven. If this world is so amazing and so gorgeous, then I can't even imagine what we will see there.

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