Thursday, June 20, 2013

Peek into my sketchbook

I'm not much of a drawer...I've always preferred 3D projects. But what with moving and packing and not having access to a clay studio I've been trying to make it a point to spend some time each day with my sketchbook doing something other than just make lists or rough sketches of my pots. It's been fun drawing patterns, prints, and trying to creatively log ideas away for future reference. Most of these are just quotes and little doodles, but quotes and songs are really inspiring and mean a lot to me. I think the style of music and lyrics and some of the quotes I wrote frequently reflect the ideas I want to infuse into my work. Family, home, friends, quirks, beauty, and's the musical equivalent of what I hope to make in a tangible item.

At any rate, it's helping keep me sane and have some fun since I can carry my sketchbook and tons of pens in my purse. Also, after my post about social networking and wondering exactly how I feel about it, the sketchbook is nice because it's a creative way to get thoughts and feelings out of my head without having to share all of it with the whole world (although I guess I just did share a few pages here in blog-land so maybe that defeats the purpose?). It's kind of satisfying. And for someone who struggles to sketch at all during the academic year I've almost filled a whole sketchbook...which makes me feel kind of accomplished. :)

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