Sunday, June 16, 2013

For Ainslee

A couple months ago a friend of mine was in a very serious car accident. She went off the road, hit a tree and her car caught fire and then blew up. Fortunately, she made it out of the car before she could be badly hurt and escaped the whole incident with minor injuries.

I met Ainslee at college through my roommate who was longtime friends with her. She was studying fashion and was (and is) super stylish. On separate occasions I've seen her wear tinfoil jewelry and an altered old prom dress on campus and look fabulous...she just pulls it off somehow. But she is maybe best known sartorially for her enormous scarf for almost every day of the year (during our freshman year...I hear she's pared it down considerably).

After her accident one of her friends made a facebook event where we would all wear scarves on the same day and post a photo of it to celebrate Ainslee and the miracle of her life. This cheesy photo is my contribution. I was glad to participate in the online celebration of how her life was spared, not only because of this miraculous situation but because she is one of the sweetest, most uplifting and encouraging young women I know. And so much praise and glory has been given to God because of this situation.

Dear Ainslee,
Thanks for your constant kind words, your enthusiasm for life and for others, your praises to God, and for setting an example of how a scarf is easily one of the classiest accessories a gal can rock. The way you have come through this event is a reminder to us of how precious life precious you are...and how loving our Savior is. You are a reminder to be grateful for every day!
You're wonderful and are loved by so many!

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