Friday, June 14, 2013

If you make a cool craft, or have a deep thought and don't blog about it...did it really happen?

I've been thinking about my motivations for blogging. I really am not sure why I do it. It has come to the point where it seems like I need an audience. And not just me, but everyone who is addicted to social networks. I mean, we can hardly have a thought without posting it for everyone to see. Sometimes we don't have a good thought to post so we just write "bored" and everyone "likes" it on facebook. It started to make me wonder if I shouldn't just quit this little blog. Can I be content to have a thought and just let it live in my head? Or only tell it to one or two other people? Can I make a fun craft and be content knowing that the only people who see it are the people who come to my house (not a lot of people)? And then being a crafter and hopeful-someday-artist I realize the benefits of an online presence because allowing others to see your personality helps make a connection to your work and increases your business prospects. But in the end I think that also has the potential to turn us as people into a brand and become a fad or a trend or maybe even a person that I am not. I don't know if I want to do that either.

I am not saying that I think blogs are bad. I have loved blogs ever since I discovered them and have had my own blogs since I was a teenager. I think they make great outlets, journals, and are great for gathering inspiration, ideas and making connections with other people. And if you have a good thought or a great process to share it really can enrich other peoples' lives. If you are just being yourself and sharing that with others I think it's refreshing and encouraging to connect with others in that way. But for me I sometimes question why I do this and whether I should do it at all.

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  1. I always thought you did it as a way for friends and family to share in your life, which we don't get to be a part of since we're so far away. That's always been my purpose behind blogging (besides the personal satisfaction it gives me in being creative.) But I get your point about the overwhelming about of social networking and the addiction to it. With all the news lately about the NSA spying on our emails and facebook, etc, it makes me just want to unplug from everything. :)