Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ceramics. Bricks. Pots.

 Is it just me, or does the gray of winter show off the bricks that our kilns are made of in a new, colorful way? With such a gray background they are almost vibrant.

Pots from the wood and salt firings I participated in this week. The wood kiln was an exhausting but exhilarating experience. The salt kiln was just exhausting and a bit depressing. I'm a bit tied up in a knot about my work...this senior show is making me nervous. And my last two firings did not yield exactly what I was hoping for. I played today and made this little teapot. It was fun. I think when I just experiment and have fun instead of try to mass produce something in the hopes that some will turn out well I make better work. I think all the little successes I feel I have achieved in my work come about when I am playing and just enjoying making...not making under pressure.

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