Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Email...March 6. From my pengyou. :)

hey, Jiemei!! (sister)
    I miss you so much! I understand you are very busy, so it is ok. when you tired,please make youself relax and don not worry me, If I know you are fine, i wil be so happy. I still work hard prepare my phd exam and meanwhile find job in universities. I will attend exam next week in Shanghai and next next week will ga back Beijing attend another PHD exam. I don not know, looks crazy and busy! But i am fine, I really miss you so much! Good luch about you senior show.
   Keep in touch! Jiemei. I send I with my mom's photo and my dog-benben's photo to you! We all look forward to meet you!
   Take care! Hugs!
我想我的中国人朋友!现在我希望她在这人 。 我们要说中文,喝茶。她是我的中国人姐妹。:)
 I miss my chinese friend! I wish she was here now. We would talk in chinese and drink tea. She is my Chinese sister. :) I hope to someday get back to China and catch a visit with her. I'm so tired and it has been a very long day. It is sweet to get home and find an email from your pal.

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