Saturday, March 2, 2013

What I was thinking about while making ceramics today.

I am more spirit than flesh.
I am more unseen than seen.
This body you see is not the most real part of me.
Because while you can see my person
You cannot see my thoughts.
You cannot see my feelings.
You cannot see what makes

The thoughts I never vocalize
Yet are so loudly spoken in my mind;
The feelings I experience so vividly
Yet are so intangible;
The part of me that will leave my body one day
When I pass from this life...
That is soul is me.

This world in all its color and texture and sound and flavor...
This is a shadow of reality.
A glimpse of what we have yet to experience.
It is such a mystery to me.
The part of us that is the most alive and real is the most hidden.
It reminds me of reality more than this world does.
It makes me curious for how more wholly I will experience eternal life with my Jesus.

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