Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Altered Book project.

We critiqued our altered book projects today in my mixed media class. Surprisingly I got a lot of really positive feedback on this project. I guess my teacher and classmates really liked it. Oddly enough, I liked it too. I wasn't crazy about this project but I had fun with it in the end and using books as a material instead of as my finished object is part of what made this fun. I have plans to revisit it and make it bigger and better. Maybe over spring break.

I am really loving this mixed media class. I have all sorts of ideas for things I want to do now that I wouldn't have thought to do before. Also, when I graduate and may not have immediate access to a studio it gives me lots of things to work on at home on a limited budget. I feel more excited about graduating now that I have plans for more projects to do.

Speaking of graduation...I believe that there are only about 7 weeks left of this semester! Woohoo! :) I can't believe it!

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