Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Turn left down Memory Lane and stop when you come to the Asian market...

This past weekend I visited my parents and younger sister for Memorial Day weekend. It was really good to see them again. It was a short visit, and my younger brother couldn't make it, but altogether it was very nice. My dad and younger sister took me to the local Asian market. We have one up here too, but it is tiny compared to this place. I was on the lookout for loose leaf tea and lotus root and was able to find both! Success!

While there I couldn't help but photograph some things that really reminded me of my time in China. It made me miss it a lot. I can't help but get a little sad when I think about it.

 We drank so much of this stuff. It had creamer and sugar already mixed in. So trashy, but so addictive!
 These are very similar to the dishes from our studio dining room. And when you went to the department stores you could buy dishes like these.
 I loved this. It's so typical of Chinese copies. It's supposed to be Winnie the Pooh, but it's an elephant instead. Some things get lost in translation I guess. We saw so many hilarious mis-translations while in China.

I remember my teachers and classmates sitting around drinking tea and eating sunflower seeds. 

It's good to have some wonderful memories of my time there. And it was lovely to have a chance to walk down memory lane when I was at the market. It smelled like old fish just like the markets in Jingdezhen used to. I never thought I'd miss the smell of old fish. :) China was such a special place to me. So down and dirty, but I met some very kind and hospitable people there. In my wildest dreams I'll go visit again someday. With friends and loved ones this time who I can share the trip with. It was lonely not being able to have a really close friend or family member along. It was really lonely coming back and not being able to share that experience first-hand with my nearest and dearest people. But it was a really wonderful experience all the same and I'm grateful I got to go. 


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