Wednesday, May 30, 2012

thoughts while traveling

The other day I was traveling home from my visit with family. While I was driving through the mountains the sun began to set and the fireflies came out. It was so beautiful. I was never a big nature lover as a kid. I have never been terribly outdoorsy. However, the older I get I appreciate nature more and more. Perhaps it's because I'm now an art major and I'm learning to appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. Nothing we make can hold a candle to nature. Nothing we make as artists is not inspired by God's creation in some way, shape, or form.

I just feel more and more in awe of our God when I see how beautiful this place is. I've had dear friends ask me how I can trust a God who lets terrible things happen. I can't explain God's decisions or reasoning (Isaiah 55:8-9--while you're at it, just read the whole chapter. It's beautiful.). I don't want to downplay the suffering that happens in this world or the heartache that people experience. But I believe that God cares and loves. He has experienced true suffering and empathizes and helps us during our struggles. And when I look around at the world and see how delicate and intricate plant life and human life are and how so many little tiny things have to happen inside our bodies to keep us alive or at how diverse our whole world is...well then I see how beautiful it is and it helps me to trust God. I just can't believe that the One who designed, made and sustains us all does not love. He's given us the whole world to enjoy. What a gift!

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