Monday, March 16, 2015

Lake Michigan in March

It's melting! You can walk out on the leftover ice mountains and see and hear the ice swishing around in the water. Pretty soon we'll be able to go out without coats and boots on and we can actually play in the water instead of thinking about how dangerous it would be if we fell off the icy cliff we were standing on and into the water. I went out to see the lake again with my friend Hope. It was an encouraging and rejuvenating way to end a Monday and begin a week.

Later on I ran a couple errands and I wished I had stayed at the lake long enough to catch the whole sunset. It was possibly the most glorious one I'd seen in ages. The colors were so was amazing to drive in such a sunset. I wish I had been able to take a photo of it so I could share it and remember it. 

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