Thursday, March 12, 2015

A look into my sketchbook

Desperate for warmer weather and to be outdoors!

Inspired by my friend Hope

A quote from a book that was profound and hugely impactful

My new motto for life

Forever my favorite poem

Playing with hand lettering
When I was in college I was inspired and jealous...and maybe even intimidated by my classmates' sketchbooks. They were works of art in and of themselves! I've never been confident in my drawing or quick sketching skills but almost 2 years ago I challenged myself to keep a sketchbook. I've only gone through three, but the other day I looked through them and I'm so glad that I managed to fill them. They are kind of a mixture of sketchbooks and art journals. Not only did I feel a bit inspired to re-visit some old ideas but it was fun and encouraging in a way to go back and read over where I was in life when I drew and wrote the things in those books. Now it's something I look forward to doing each day (or as often as I'm able). They're nothing terribly special, but I like doing something small and creative just for my eyes...and for the eyes of those 2 or 3 people who peek at this blog every once in a blue moon. :)

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