Monday, March 16, 2015

A party

On Sunday my dear roommate turned 25. This roommate has a twin brother, who obviously also turned 25. We took the opportunity to gather up family and friends and celebrate with them.

I actually planned this shin-dig and let me tell you, I need more practice in throwing parties! It was a very simple party, but I loved that despite my lack of planning party activities and only having simple cakes and ice cream and snack foods I still saw lots of laughing and story swapping happening. We did use sparkler candles though so that was kind of exciting. At least for me. My sister is awesome at noticing people and finding ways to create celebrations or give gifts that reflect how well she knows that person. She really has a talent for making people feel known and special because she finds ways to add details and touches that can be simple and elegant but very reflective of whomever she is blessing at the time. That's the kind of host I want to be too! Actually, both of my sisters are incredibly thoughtful at gifting others. They are able to show that they really pay attention to what people like and what makes them feel comfortable and valued. I want to be a hospitable person and a I want to be a person that fosters community and really knows others. Maybe more parties should be in my future. :)

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