Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This could become a problem...

My sister gifted me a couple of really fun crafting magazines over Christmas and it's been lots of fun to look through them and get ideas for projects. I think I may be fighting off some seasonal affective disorder because I've been kinda bummed lately and feeling like I have cabin fever too so the other night I went to Barnes and Noble to look at books and more craft magazines. I seemingly needed some inspiration and a distraction from my moodiness. I found some really cool magazines that I thought I would document so I wouldn't forget them and also just in case one of my sisters reads this and needs a fun magazine suggestion to look through! Both my sisters are very artistic and I felt that these magazines might appeal to their creative aesthetics too!

Molly Makes is always fun to look through. I love that they frequently add little crafting packets to them magazines so you will have all the materials to complete at least one project right off the bat! I want to make a few skirts and this magazine really motivated me to get the ball rolling!

I've never seen this publication called Flow before, but it, too, was beautifully put together and was packed full of fun items like cards, papers, a gratitude notebook, and that sort of thing. I was surprised by how much they had managed to pack into that magazine just to give away.

The last one was not actually at B&N. It was an advertisement inside one of the other magazines that looked really fun! I looked it up online and it's a beautifully put together magazine that looks like a cross between a craft magazine and a life-style magazine. I would love to get my hands on one and look through it! You can buy digital versions it would seem.

Actually, while I love looking at magazines I rarely buy them. They can be pretty expensive ranging from $7.99 to over $20 per publication. I love going to the bookstores to look through them and occasionally splurge on one if I think it's a good investment of ideas and techniques, but I left Barnes and Noble empty handed this time. I've got lots of ideas though. :)

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