Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coat shopping

After dealing with below freezing temperatures for a several day stretch I began to realize that my beloved coat from China had run its course and was too worn out to keep me warm. I keep trying to trick myself into believing that winter is almost over and I could tough it out, but in reality it's only January and we likely have another 2 months of this nonsense at least before it's warm enough to go back to the China coat. Desperate times call for a more heavy duty jacket so I went to Target to check out the post-Christmas sales.

Let's be honest that I'm definitely drawn to the girly, cinched-waist coats and ideally would have liked one that came down mid-thigh or even to my calves. But heavy-duty won out and I went with the one that is shown second. Maybe I'll keep an eye out online to see if any of those other ones will go on sale further...or keep an eye on the clearance racks to see if they will drop to 70% off. Wool, unfortunately, just isn't as warm as those quilted, puffy jackets! And on the bright side, we're 2/3rds of the way through January and February is a short month...which hopefully means spring is right around the corner (maybe not the best logic there, and definitely wishful thinking!)! Which means I won't have to put on tons of layers and carry heavy outerwear around with me. That will be so nice!

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