Monday, January 5, 2015

Frozen...the cold never bothered me anyway...and other lies.

Well, I left my house around 11:15 this morning after having a battle with my car. See, it's only 9 degrees farenheit here and my lock on my driver side door froze and wouldn't open. That's a first for me. Luckily my passenger side door unlocked and I just entered and exited from there. Yeah, it looked funny but I'm not too proud yet to just go with it and find the humor in it. After driving around for a bit the driver side lock warmed up and unlocked. I got home from work, ate leftover curry for dinner and hid away in my room with the laptop re-reading old blogs and watching Psych.

I promised myself that after I graduated I would homeschool myself in the classics. You Dickens and Tolstoy and maybe even Victor Hugo. Maybe I would save up for Rosetta Stone and finish learning Mandarin. Well I lied to myself. I haven't done that, but I've watched a lot of Psych. Which is possibly the opposite of educating oneself.

I'm not a huge fan of this cold. I will admit to liking the song "Let it Go" from frozen, but I always feel a little cringe-y inside when she sings, "the cold never bothered me anyway!" Because it simply isn't true for me. Chilly weather...not such a bad thing. 9 degrees...eww. On the brighter side it has caused me to slow down and rest a lot more. I ran so hard from last spring up till Christmas break. I'm not kidding...there was not a lot of rest that happened this year. If it wasn't moving it was working extra, traveling to celebrate weddings (which was wonderful, but not at all restful) and general busyness. Being able to come home and spend an evening's not a bad thing at all really. It makes me grateful for this winter season. It's the only time that I find it more convenient to lie low for awhile.

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