Saturday, April 14, 2012


When I'm sad He comforts me.
When I'm lonely He holds me.
When I've failed He doesn't condemn me, but instead restores me.
When I feel ugly He makes me feel beautiful.
When I feel worthless He reminds me that He made me worth being loved.
When I feel unsure of myself He reminds me of His promises to stay with me and guide me.
When I am weak He strengthens me.
When I am helpless He shows His might.
When I'm ridiculous He takes me seriously.
When I've drifted away He brings me back.
When my heart has been broken and I couldn't find words to talk to Him about it He prayed for me.
When I didn't love Him He died for me.
When I've deserved punishment He's given me mercy and love.
He adopted me.
He freed me.
He woos me.
He treats me with dignity.
He is always kind to me.
He teaches me how to love.
He made it possible for me to come to Him and tell Him about everything.
Only perfection could love me when I have nothing to offer in return.
Only true Love would forgive me over and over again and give me the opportunity to start over new every day.
Only the forgiver of sins would wash me of my sins and never rub them in my face.
Only a merciful, gracious God would give His son...would give His own make me His own.
He's everything I don't deserve.
He's more than I ever could have asked for.
There is nothing I could ever do to earn this.

It leaves me to wonder, "Why me? Why on earth does He love me so?"

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