Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hopes, wishes and ifs...

If : I were alive back in the 1800s I really hope I'd join a wagon train and move west. That would be so exciting. Could you imagine the things you'd see? You would probably learn something new every day. Life would be pretty unpredictable, and that would probably be hard. But oh the stories you'd have to tell about things you really lived through. I don't think I'd mind that kind of life, although it would be really lonely.

I really hope: that I can learn to be content with wherever I am while being open to new possibilities. Life is so unpredictable right now and it scares me. I love being here, but can't stay forever. I have no idea what to do after I graduate next year and that is both exciting and scary.

I wish: ...Actually, I've been told that if you tell wishes they don't come true. So the wish will just have to stay in my heart for now.

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