Friday, April 6, 2012

Just a bit melancholy tonight. Missing family. Missing...something. I'm not sure what. Do you ever get that slightly dissatisfied feeling? That although you are happy and things are good you still aren't quite content? I have that feeling right now. It's okay. I wonder if those feelings spur us into making changes that can be good for us. If we were comfortable with where we are now we might never move on. Maybe this feeling isn't ungratefulness on my part, but more of a gentle prod to make me just uncomfortable enough to get ready for the next change in life.

I have to take my car in to the shop to have it's brakes checked tomorrow. It's making grinding noises sometimes when I brake. It feels kind of grownup to be taking the car in for repairs. Like I've graduated to some new level of adulthood. Adults have debt and car problems. Sometimes. When I think of it that way I don't mind or feel so nervous about being up here alone with a strange sounding car. It seems like more of an adventure. :)

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