Sunday, January 20, 2013

Someone take the scissors away...

Ever since I had to draw portraits last semester I've noticed how asymmetrical my face is. How asymmetrical all of us are actually. And you know what? I like those little quirks and imperfections. My eyes are shaped a little differently and my smile is a bit lopsided and I like it. I'm not perfect and I never look perfect and I guess I am just okay with it by now. I've learned to appreciate how little flaws in my work can be construed as "character" (a term we art students hate to hear being used in describing our work) and I guess I view those little imperfections as giving my appearance character.
Also, since October I have been cutting my bangs. They've gone from sweepy side bangs to this shorter look. Someone may need to take my scissors away. Especially since I get the urge to trim them at the weirdest times. Like 4 in the morning. Or right before I'm supposed to leave for work. Risky times to be wielding scissors and making changes in my hair.

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